My name is Oliver, or just Ollie; a child of the 70ies. I grew up in a Swiss (German) village, watched too much telly, was the only boy in the local jazz dance group and loved languages. Perhaps the reason I ended up in a French-speaking University. It doesn’t explain the subject of medicine, though.

After graduation, I spent 20 years in South London – yes, time flies – where I learnt to drink beer by the pint, developed my Ps and Qs and started to appreciate silver linings.

Today, I find myself back on the continent; once again in an alpine vicinity, except this time on the sunny side. Ljubljana has just the right mix of urban edge, babbling brooks and blue skies to make me feel at home.

Having left clinical life behind me, I now grew a beard and enjoy the tranquillity of freelancing and doing nothing. My little Schnauzer does, however, give me a reason to start each day at a worm-catching hour.

Here we go.